Brian Smallshaw - bio

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Brian Smallshaw has had a long association with Asia, and a strong interest in its history since his university days in Tokyo. He met and became friends with Neil Burton while taking classes from him at Sophia University in the early 80s, and the friendship has continued to the present. Brian completed a degree in Political Science at Sophia, and later completed a graduate program in Japanese at the university.

Neil and Brian’s shared interest in computers dates from their years at Sophia, and both were intrigued with their potential for sharing information and making it accessible in ways that were previously impossible. The release of HyperCard for the Apple Macintosh computer was particularly exciting and led to much experimentation into ways of organizing and disseminating information. The lively exchange between the two helped them to unlock some of the mysteries the program.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, Brian became interested in its use for accessing information and built his first web page in 1996. Since then he has spent a considerable portion of his time building websites, and is now very involved in the use of open-source Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Gallery and WordPress. He is a particular fan of Drupal, with its community of users and developers, open architecture, flexibility and scalability, that make it ideal for use for everything from small, personal websites to websites for large organizations that receive millions of hits per day.


This website has been built using Drupal, and without it a site like this would be very difficult for two individuals to build, and certainly much more time-consuming. The developers of this site owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Drupal community for making such a powerful system available at no charge. Because content in Drupal can be easily edited in any web browser, and with its finely tunable permissions system, Drupal is ideal for collaborative work among a group of individuals. It has an enormous potential for academic research and teaching, and for Brian, this project has highlighted the possibilities that exist for building sites for instructional purposes that are tailored to the needs of the information being presented. He is available for other work of this kind; should you require assistance with a project, please contact him here.

Brian Smallshaw先生与亚洲,尤其是亚洲历史,结缘已久。在上世纪八十年代,Brian先生就在日本上智大学获得政治学学士学位及日本语硕士学位。期间,通过Neil Burton教授的课,两人相识,相知,一直至今.


随着万维网的到来,Brian先生很快又把握住了时机,并在1996年建立了他的第一个网站。之后,他一直致力于各种网站的构建,对于Drupal, Gallery and WordPress等开放性内容管理系统驾轻就熟。Brian先生对Drupal是尤其钟爱的:不仅因为Drupal拥有庞大的用户群,其开放式的灵活多变体系结构更使得Drupal成为构架无论小型个人网站,或是大型机构网站的理想选择.


此网站即是基于Drupal技术而建立,也正是Drupal使得本网站在种种困难下成为可能。在此,我们希望向Drupal的使用群致以崇高的敬意:是大家的努力造就了如此强大而又免费的Drupal。此外,因为Drupal可以很轻松在任何网页浏览器中修改内容,并实施其他多种操作,Drupal成为团队合作构建网站的首选,并展现出服务学术和研究工作的巨大潜力。此网站的建设便体现了Brian先生利用Drupal为特定授课和研究内容量身而做的能力。若您有类似的需要,敬请联系Brian Smallshaw先生.